How we work

How RenuBath Works

We at RenuBath modify your outdated Bathroom to a new stunning bathroom. You can share your ideas with our expert consultants and get assistance in getting your work done. We work continuously to offer you better solution in installation of new lavished bathroom at a reasonable cost where no inconvenience is guaranteed.

Now a day’s humans have a tendency to update themselves to the evolving technology. From the day one our company is helping out its customers with new renovation ideas that is cost effective RenuBath is one of the leading company in Bathroom design experts in Bangalore. It has become a minimum requirement for people living in metropolitan cities to involve modular aspects in building their homes and go with the moving trend. We provide services for Bathroom design and as well as for Bathroom redesign also.

Bathroom Creaters

Bathroom Creaters

Add some color with unique bath materials

More or less like kitchen, when we go for redesign, washroom materials are often neutral colors, go for something new by choosing for colorful surfaces. Give your vanity a facelift by going green, blue or yellow, and use a multicolored mosaic tile backsplash to liven up your sink or shower wall. Instead of going with a common tile floor, dare to be bold with patterned tile or a textured stone.

Go for the Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes your washroom is not in a condition to do repairs, changing it with colourful mats will not get the problem solved. Instead, think about bathroom remodel and go for major improvement by adding a new shower, tub, sink and vanity. Although individual preferences take precedence, pedestal tubs, double sinks and walk-in showers are always popular options. If you’re looking to go big, many contemporary showers now have multiple showerheads, including a rain showerhead and handheld showerhead, and vessel sinks and makeup vanities are always elegant additions.